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 [NEWS]Jiyeon, "Eunjung has started to take care of her virtual husband, Lee Jangwoo"

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PostSubject: [NEWS]Jiyeon, "Eunjung has started to take care of her virtual husband, Lee Jangwoo"   Fri Apr 08, 2011 6:20 am

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A member of T-ara called Eunjung appeared in MBC 'We Got Married' as a subsequent of Jung Yonghwa-Seohyun couple. He's doing the program with Lee Jangwoo who's currently starring in KBS 1TV weekdays drama 'Smile, Donghae'.

On 4th April before the premiere of animation movie 'Gnomeo and Juliet', we get to interview Jiyeon. We asked her, "Aren't you jealous about Eunjung joining WGM?" She answered, "I just think that it must be fun (to join the program)" and laughed.

Then she revealed, "Eunjung-unnie has been calling him 'husband'. So more than my greediness, it's just good to see her cute image. I haven't met her husband (Lee Jangwoo) yet. But I searched for him through internet already."

Jiyeon revealed that she's satisfied with the holiday. Because for 2 years, she's only working without rest. Now is the time to rest. Lee Joon proved her words by saying, "Jiyeon is the busiest person I ever knew."

Meanwhile, Jiyeon and Lee Joon challenge on dubbing for the first time for the movie 'Gnomeo and Juliet'.

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Jiyeon showed a fresh and active side of Juliet through her performance. She revealed her opinion about her first dubbing, "It was harder than I thought. Because it's my first time, I was nervous. I was also panicked because we have to speak in-sync with their lips (that were speaking in English)."

She confessed some complains regarding the recording. "I was sick (cold) at that time, until sounds are coming from my nose. My voice is kinda husky, so it become more husky thanks to the cold. The others were worried because my voice could go lower than Lee Joon's. But after we finished, everyone praised me for being so good in my first recording."

But unlike her, Lee Joon said another thing, "I was nervous at the first time but interested at the same time. I used to read comics / watch animation since young, so I practiced a little. I thought that my voice is good, since they chose me to dub it."

He also revealed his opinion about his first dubbing, " Actually when I was recording, it was my busiest days. I went overseas twice so I have to practice even inside the airplane. It's a shame that I couldn't practice much. But I did well because of the coach in the venue."

Lee Joon showed a comic-acting without shame to show the character of Gnomeo, and got an OK sign from the director in one-take. Jiyeon also perfectly recreated the character of Juliet. The movie 'Gnomeo and Juliet' will open on 14th April.

Source: Newsen
Translated by: dianapetrina @ Diadem

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[NEWS]Jiyeon, "Eunjung has started to take care of her virtual husband, Lee Jangwoo"
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